In 2007 Daina and Jim were involved in the redevelopment of the Uzutrakis
estate in Trakai National Park.  Daina and Jim worked on the 19th century
horse barn, cow barn and dog barn, converting these structures to support
services for the Uzutrakis mansion built for the Tiskevicius family.  

All three structures had much of the historic architectural details stripped
away, but by using historic photographs Jim and Daina were able to
reconstruct these buildings' outward appearances. However, it was decided to
retain the high pitched roof of the dog house as it lent to a visually appealing
interior space.

The horse barn will serve as a place to rent equipment to enjoy the pastoral
nature of the park and have a self-service cafe.  The cow barn will serve as a
full service restaurant and conference facilities.  The dog barn will function as
a cozy space for private parties.  Construction is expected to begin soon on the
horse barn.
 Please view attached drawings of the horse barn below.

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Uzutrakis Estate
Trakai, Lithuania