The Capitals Golf Club (2004) – James developed this proposal for
the first golf club in Lithuania in cooperation with Leonardas Vaitys of
UAB Forma.  The proposal was designed to meet the national review
board's criteria for a single-story manor house with basement and
attic.  In addition, a restaurant and hotel complex was proposed for
the rolling site that would sport a championship 18-hole gold
course.  I drew my inspiration from the English Arts and Crafts style,
which allowed for greater flexibility in planning while providing for a
stately appearance in keeping with the expressed desires of the
founding members.

The main functions of the clubhouse are contained on the main level
with the dining room and large terrace overlooking the 18th fairway.  
Support facilities, including a spa, are housed in the basement with
a VIP lounge and private balcony at the attic level.

The restaurant and hotel complex adopted a more free-form plan
given the more complex program, with sufficient space to provide for
conferences up to 300 persons and 25 guest rooms.  The guest
rooms enclose a large courtyard, which could be used for outdoor

Visualizations by Olegas Tiuliakovas.

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The Capitals Golf Club
Vilnius, Lithuania
Hotel Complex
Golf Club