Kreivasis Residential Development
(2007-08) – Located near Uzupis, this
project combined over 40 residential
units into a distinctive compound that fit
into a steeply sloping hillside.  The aim
of the project was to make a natural fit
between the new development and the
landscape by incorporating a series of
green terraces with traditional forms.  
The units range from 60 - 150 sq.
meters in area, from single story to 3-
story town homes, linked together by
shared spaces and an underground
parking area that would accommodate
52 automobiles.  No two units would be
identical, offering different plans, views
and relationships to the wooded site.  
Ecological features would be
incorporated into the design, such as
sustainable building materials, energy-
efficient heating systems and natural
ventilation.  The project remains in the
planning stage.

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Kreivasis Residential Development
Vilnius, Lithuania