Palanga Recreation Homes(2005-2006) – This project included
four beach houses ranging in area from 160 square meters to
over 300 square meters.  The larger houses were divided into
three units, as shown in the ground plan on the next page.  
Monciskes is a sparsely developed area about 20 km. North of
Palanga, with direct access to the beach.  The terrain is relatively
flat with a dune line that forms a protective barrier to the sea.  
Trees are mostly pine, stunted in height due to the salt air.  The
planning regulations required the houses to be relatively low in
scale and to use traditional materials.  In this case vertical wood
siding with shake roofs.  The colored trim and panels brighten the
long facades.  A small traditional sauna, or pirtis as it is called in
Lithuanian, with a roof terrace is also included in the complex.

Visualizations by Virginija Vilutyte

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Palanga Recreation Homes
Monciskes, Lithuania