In the Fall of 2008 Daina and Jim began the redevelopment of this 19th
century estate into a hotel and conference center.  Only two barns remain of
this national registered monument in the northeast part of Lithuania.  Both
buildings are cut from regional stone.  The second barn is especially
interesting because of its semi-circular shape divided into three sections
presumably to shelter cattle.  The mansion existed, at least in part, until ca.
1980, but now only remnants and a partial basement survive.  Ruins remain of
the ice house.

Daina prepared the detail plan for the site, which will include the
reconstruction of all the buildings that were once part of the estate.  The client
will develop the site in phases, beginning with the two barns into a nine-room
hotel, small restaurant, and conference center.

James and Daina prepared the proposal for the buildings.  James proposed a
glass enclosure for the semi-circular barn, because of its ruinous state, with
an earth roof.  The other buildings will be reconstructed based on historic
analogies, since few historic documents remain of the former structures.

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Paliesiaus Estate
Ignalina region, Lithuania