Historic American Buildings Survey  (1986-95) – Documentation,
historic structures reports and maintenance essays of nationally
significant structures throughout the United States.
Ciurlionio flat (1998-99) – The renovation of a two-story apartment in
one of the historic districts of Vilnius.
Lenktoji Residential Compound (1999-2001) – The interiors and
landscaping for a residential compound in Vilnius.
Restaurant in Trakai (2000-2003) – A new restaurant in the heart of
an old Kairite community in Trakai, which conformed to the
guidelines of the historic district.
Peninsula Castle (2002-2004) – Part of an ongoing restoration effort
in Trakai, Lithuania.
Sestakauskas Residence (2003-2004) – A project  for a window
manufacturer in Vilnius who wanted a house designed with
sustainable products and low-energy heating systems in mind.
The Capitals Golf Club (2004) – A proposal for the first golf club in
Lithuania included a clubhouse and hotel/conference complex.
Palanga Recreation Homes (2006-09) – A proposal for four beach
houses near the Lithuanian seaside resort of Palanga.
Trakai Vintage Automobile Museum (2006-09) – A proposal for a
vintage automobile museum in the historic quarter of Trakai.
Kreivasis Residential Development (2007-08) – A proposal for a
new housing complex in Vilnius.
Lentvaris Estate (2008) – A proposal for the restoration of a 19th
century estate.
Nendre Restaurant and Hotel (2007) – A proposal for an earth-
roofed resort complex in Trakai.
Lake Washington Residence (2005) – A residential project in
Seattle, Washington.
Paliesiaus Estate (2009) – A proposal for the restoration and
redevelopment of a 19th century estate into a hotel and conference center.
Uzutrakis Estate (2007-08) – A project for the restoration and new
functions for three former barns on the estate.
Jokubo Redevelopment Project (2007-08) – A proposal for the
redevelopment of the former Vilnius hospital.