Trakai Vintage Automobile Museum (2005-2008) – This
project offered the unique opportunity to introduce a large
museum space into the historic district of
Trakai.  The client
has an impressive range of vintage automobiles dating back to
the 1920's and wanted an
exhibition space that would
showcase 40 vehicles in his collection.  The exhibition space
would be buried in the hillside behind the existing 19th century
buildings, which were required to be preserved.  The historic
buildings will serve as a cafe and entrance to the museum.  
Two new wooden buildings were introduced to provide 15
guest rooms.  The area above the exhibition space will be
landscaped and serve as large terrace dining.  Skylights and
small vent towers will be incorporated into the landscape.

Visualizations by Virginija Vilutyte

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Trakai Vintage Automobile Museum
Trakai, Lithuania
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