Restaurant in Trakai (2000-2003) – We developed this project
in cooperation with Giedre Filapaviciene and UAB Veduta.  
There were strict guidelines on the building massing and
orientation to the lake based on the Karaite houses that are
particular to
Trakai.  The Kairites are an extant Rabbinite
community living in Lithuania, whose culture and heritage is
protected by the state.  The scale and roof pitches of the
buildings were set as well, so we arrived at a series of light
connections between the buildings to create a restaurant
complex that suited the needs of the client.

Conceptually, the site plan is a modern interpretation of
traditional Karaite houses, connected by breezeways to allow
movement through the complex. The buildings open to the
lakeshore while maintaining traditional openings to the street.  
The terraced site allows for outdoor dining and is connected to
a plaza used for public gatherings. The colors are drawn from
an historic palette with the hues reflecting a contemporary

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Trakai Restaurant
Trakai, Lithuania